Biodynamic and Organic vineyards

In the Vineyard

Ducks at home in our organic and bio-dynamic vineyardsAt Elgin Ridge, we work every single day to maintain our certified biodynamic and organic vineyards. Of paramount importance is the soil, as this is the home of our vines and imparts a sense of place on each and every grape. This over-arching focus (or obsession – and proudly so!) not only gives our vines nourishment that is sustainable, but ensures that the wines they produce truly tell a story of the site itself.

The adage “good wine begins in the vineyards” couldn’t hold more truth. The Elgin valley in fact has a cool climate similar to that of Burgundy, the French appellation famous for producing elegant and subtle wines, sought the world over.

Our vineyard practices include the production of our own biodynamic compost and use of biodynamic preparations, as well as the daily efforts of our team of hardworking animals – “weed eating” is undertaken by Dorper sheep, snail and insect management is seen to by Peking ducks and chickens, and our herd of miniature Dexter cows keep up a steady supply of enriching manure.

Our vines are rooted at 282 metres above sea level, in soils which have been completely untouched by chemicals. With the highest quality grapes, where there is a perfect natural balance, there is less to do in the cellar – which seamlessly complements our winemaking philosophy of “minimal intervention”. This results in more flavour and expression in the glass and creates a natural approach throughout from vine to bottle.